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National Dynasty League


Rules & Gameplay



  1. Dynasty Day Draft

  2. Player Positions

  3. Mid-Season Draft

  4. NDL Final Series

  5. Cost and Prizes

  6. Squads

  7. Free Agents

  8. Trading

  9. Team Selection


  1. Dynasty Draft Day


When: The Saturday that is closest to the start of the NRL season when the majority of managers are available to meet. (Early March).


Year 1: Mangers selected at random take turns in a snake draft to fill their rosters with 21 players from the NRL.


Year 2 onwards: Managers in their selected order take turns in a snake draft to fill their rosters with 21 players.


   2. Player Positions

New Duel Positioned Players:


When: At the conclusion of Round 6, 12 and 18 in the NRL. 


Who: Players that are only available in one position (Fullback, Back, Half, Forward or Hooker) that have started 3 or more games in a different position.


Retaining Duel Position Status


Players must start at least one game in both their duel positions to retain their duel status for the following season.


New Players:


When a player enters NDL they are awarded the position in which they play their first game in. If they have not started a game, they are awarded the position they are described as playing on their teams official NRL website.


   3. Mid-Season Draft


When: At the commencement of Round 15 to take effect from Round 16 onwards.


What: Managers selected at random may swap players in their squad for players available in the mid-season draft. Once a manager has passed on their turn, they are removed from the mid-season draft. Once all managers have passed the players in the mid-season draft are added to the current list of free agents available for all managers to pick up.


   4. NDL Finals Series

When:Last 5 rounds of the regular NRL season.


Finals Week 1: NRL Round 16:

Qualifying Final 1: 1st vs 4th

Qualifying Final 2: 2nd vs 3rd

Elimination Final 1: 5th vs 8th

Elimination Final 2: 6th vs 7th


Finals Week 2: NRL Round 17:

Semi-Final 1: Winner of Elimination Final 1 vs the loser of the Qualifying Final 1.

Semi-Final 2: Winner of Elimination Final 2 vs the loser of the Qualifying Final 2.


Finals Week 3: NRL Round 18:

Preliminary Final 1: Winner of Semi Final 1 vs Winner of Qualifying Final 2

Preliminary Final 2: Winner of Semi Final 2 vs Winner of Qualifying Final 1.


Finals Week 4 & 5: NRL Round 19 & 20 (Combined score for 2 weeks)

Grand Final: Winner of Preliminary Final 1 vs Winner of Preliminary Final 2


   5. Cost and Prizes


Entry Fee: $50 per team per season

Prizes: Premier $400, Runner up $150, Minor Premier $50


   6. Squads


Consist of 21 NRL players 13 of which are in your starting side: 1 x Fullback, 4 x Backs, 2 x Halves, 1 x Hooker and 5 x Forwards + 8 x Reserves.


In the event a player in your starting 13 does not take the field and is a non-scorer, the first player in your reserves who matches the position of the non-scoring player will have their score counted.  Managers are permitted to replace a maximum of 4 players in their starting squad from any of their 8 reserves each week.


Squad members receive dynasty points (see scoring) based on their actions in their respected NRL matches.


   7. Free Agents


When: Free agents open for all managers at the conclusion of the Dynasty Day Draft and close when they are eliminated from the competition for the year.


Where: In Squad Management

           -Select Free Agent

           -Free Agents.  


   8. Trading


When: Trading open for all managers at the conclusion of the Dynasty Day Draft and closes at lockout of the first game of the NDL Finals Series (7:50 P.M. 27th August 2020) 


How: Managers may trade with other managers for players and/or draft picks in next 2 seasons. Trading that occurs during a live round will not come into effect until the conclusion of that round.


Where: In Squad Management:

           -Trade with other managers: 

           -Trade Centre.


   9. Team Selection


What: Managers may edit the order of the players in their starting 13 and reserves up until kick-off in the first game of the round.


Where: In Squad Management

           -Edit your squad



More to come…




NDL is not affiliated with the NRL.

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